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Project status updates for the Kicking Horse Canyon Project – Phase 4.

Recent and previous news and information can be found below including Newsletters/Project Updates, News Releases and Monthly Status Reports. For the latest construction updates and planned traffic interruptions, visit our Traffic Management page. Visit DriveBC for the most current updates on highway conditions.

Limited extended closures expected in Spring 2023

Posted January 16, 2023

Kicking Horse Canyon Project Phase 4 construction will again require extended 24-hour/multi-day closures of the Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) east of Golden during Spring 2023. These closures will be much more limited than in the past.

The timing of these extended closures currently is approximate, but up to five days are likely in early April, with a few additional days expected in May.

See the January 16, 2023, Stakeholder Notice and the Highway Status Calendar, which will be updated on an ongoing basis as plans evolve.

Fall 2022 extended closure to end early; traffic to use new infrastructure beginning November 25

Posted November 23, 2022

The extended closure of the Trans-Canada Highway through the Kicking Horse Canyon Project Phase 4 construction zone that began in late September will come to an end at 6 am November 25, 2022. When the highway reopens to winter hours, motorists will get to drive on the future eastbound lanes of several new bridges and viaducts while construction proceeds on the westbound lanes. Visit the Highway Status Calendar for the detailed traffic management schedule. Read the news release, and view the Fall 2022 update video.

New bridge now in use; project well into summer schedule

Posted July 12, 2022

A relatively minor traffic pattern change has been made in the Kicking Horse Canyon Project construction zone, but it’s a significant one at the same time. At the western end of the project, two-way traffic has been moved from the old highway alignment onto the eastbound lanes of the new Sheep Bridge. This first use of new bridge infrastructure will enable work to proceed on the westbound portion of the bridge. Later this year, similar shifts will occur as other new bridges and viaducts become ready to be put into service.

Summer hours have been in effect since the beginning of June, and will continue into mid-September. In general, this means no daytime stoppages, except occasional brief interruptions to move materials or equipment or to accommodate turning trucks. Expect half-hour stoppages in the evening, and overnight closures from 10 pm to 7 am. Friday nights will have half-hour stoppages overnight (instead of full overnight closures). Similar half-hour stoppages may occur overnight Saturdays beginning in late July. No stoppages at all are planned on Sundays until 8 pm. As plans are updated, you can find all of the details on the highway status planning calendar (be sure to clear your cache or refresh the page on your browser to ensure you get the most recent information).

Spring extended closure begins after Easter weekend

Posted April 6, 2022

Kicking Horse Canyon Constructors will implement an extended (24/7) closure between April 19 and May 20 to proceed with work that cannot be carried out safely during shorter interruptions. The closure starts right after the Easter long weekend and ends just before the Victoria Day holiday weekend. See the information bulletin, and for additional details visit the Highway Status Calendar and DriveBC.

December/winter construction schedule begins

Posted November 30, 2021

As of midnight November 30/December 1, the Fall 2021 extended closure gives way to the winter construction schedule during which the Trans-Canada Highway through the Kicking Horse Canyon will be open with the following exceptions: 30-minute stoppages between 9 am and 3 pm, 30-minute stoppages between 6 pm and 10 pm, and overnight full closures from 10 pm to 7 am during which traffic will be diverted to the alternate route of Highways 93S and 95. There will be no construction-related stoppages or closures between 3 pm on December 23 and 12 noon on January 4.

For additional details, see the information bulletin, refer to the Highway Status Calendar and make sure you check DriveBC before setting out on your travels.

Fall closure schedule on Highway 1 for Kicking Horse Canyon construction

Posted September 2, 2021

With work on the Kicking Horse Canyon Project Phase 4 continuing to be on schedule, people travelling along the Trans-Canada Highway near Golden are reminded that a robust traffic management plan will come into effect again this fall. See the information bulletin, and for additional details visit the Highway Status Calendar and DriveBC.

Project moves to summer construction schedule

Posted May 28, 2021

The 24-hour multi-day closures of the spring 2021 shoulder season that began April 12 ended at noon on May 28.

The May 29-30 weekend will see off-peak (i.e. between 9 am and 3 pm) daytime stoppages of up to half an hour, as well as overnight closures before the summer schedule is launched on May 31.

Under the summer schedule, there will be no daytime stoppages on the Trans-Canada Highway due to construction in the Kicking Horse Canyon, except occasional momentary pauses to allow construction vehicles to enter, exit or cross the highway in the construction zone.

During the summer, motorists can expect half-hour stoppages most evenings between 8 pm and 10 pm due to single-lane alternating traffic. Overnight closures from 10 pm to 7 am will also be the norm, with adjustments on weekends. The highway will be fully open during long holiday weekends. The summer construction schedule will be in effect until approximately September 19, after which the fall extended closure is expected to occur. Details for the fall extended closure are expected by about mid-June.

For more details on the summer schedule, see the Highway Status Calendar and DriveBC.

Highway 95 traffic pattern improvements in Golden

Posted March 24, 2021

Upgrades have been made to two major intersections on Highway 95 in Golden to improve safety and traffic flow for people using the highway. Before the end of March, weather permitting, a new traffic signal at 6th Street North will be activated and signalized dedicated left-turn lanes at 9th Street South will go into operation.

For further information, see the full information bulletin.

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Monthly Status Reports

Extended spring closure on Highway 1 for Kicking Horse Canyon construction

Posted January 15, 2021

Work on the Kicking Horse Canyon Phase 4 construction project will require a month-long closure of Highway 1 through the canyon just east of Golden during the spring 2021 shoulder season. This closure will allow crews to proceed with work that cannot be carried out safely during shorter interruptions.

From April 12 to May 14, through traffic on Highway 1 from Golden to Castle Junction will be routed via highways 93 and 95. The construction zone will be opened briefly to local/commuter and school bus traffic twice daily. Emergency vehicles in response mode will be provided passage on short notice.

The closure is part of a traffic-management strategy developed in consultation with the community and key stakeholders.

For further information, see the full information bulletin and the detailed traffic notification.

New Potable Bulk Water Station Open in Golden

Posted December 18, 2020

Golden-area residents outside the Town’s water distribution system now have a new reliable source of safe drinking water, with the completion of a new potable bulk water station.

The new bulk water station is located at the Town of Golden Works Yard on 11th Avenue North. Owned and operated by the Town of Golden, it has been funded and installed as part of the Province’s Highway 1 Kicking Horse Canyon Project (Phase 4). While available to residents throughout the area, its main purpose isto provide a  safe and reliable replacement source of water for people currently drawing non-potable water from Dart Creek, which will become inaccessible during construction of Phase 4 highway improvements. Highway construction in the Canyon is expected to begin in earnest by next spring.

For information on setting up an account for potable bulk water, see the release on the Town of Golden website or contact the Town at

Improvements on the way for intersection in Golden

Posted June 22, 2020

This week, people will see crews starting on a project that will improve traffic flow at the busy intersection of Highway 95 at 9th Street South in Golden.

Local residents may encounter some minor disruptions to traffic as the ministry prepares the site to install dedicated left-turn lanes and protected signal phases on the highway later this year.

These improvements will help traffic flow more safely and efficiently at the intersection. The intersection upgrade will help accommodate future traffic growth.

Other related work includes adjustments to the intersection at 6th Street North, which will receive a new traffic signal in time to help manage traffic during canyon closures expected in some off-peak periods due to Kicking Horse Canyon Project construction. The ministry will also realign the S-bend near Park Drive, which will improve the south approach to the Kicking Horse bridges.

Provincial construction sites have protocols and policies in place following the requirements of the provincial health officer to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These include reducing in-person meetings or gatherings, holding meetings outdoors and ensuring physical distancing of workers throughout the work day. These measures, along with other work protocols, such as daily cleaning and sanitizing of common areas and surfaces, will help ensure worker and public safety.

(This update has been amended to clarify that dedicated turning lanes and signal phases will be installed for both directions on the highway.)

Province and Golden supply community with water station

Posted June 3, 2020

A  new bulk water station will be established in Golden this fall to provide residents outside the town’s water distribution system with a safe, alternative supply of potable water. The facility will be funded and installed as part of the Province’s Highway 1 Kicking Horse Canyon Project (Phase 4), and will be owned and operated by the Town of Golden.

The metered fee-for-service bulk water station, to be located at the Town of Golden Works Yard on 11th Avenue North, will make bulk supplies of potable water available on a permanent basis to people who live in the Golden and Area “A” community.

The station will provide a treated replacement source of potable water for the duration of the Kicking Horse Canyon Project construction free of charge for families and individuals currently drawing untreated water from Dart Creek. Located within the construction zone, the current Dart Creek source will be inaccessible after construction begins in fall 2020 until it is restored when the highway project is completed in 2023-24.

Golden council approved the establishment of the bulk water station at its meeting on June 2, 2020, following several months of discussion with the Kicking Horse Canyon project team and the Columbia Shuswap Regional District.

Fieldwork underway for Kicking Horse Canyon Project

Posted April 30, 2020

Crews will be carrying out investigative fieldwork in the Kicking Horse Canyon during spring and summer 2020 as part of the preparation for major highway improvements to begin late this year.

Crews will collect physical data in the Dart Creek area, as well as other locations near the highway alignment. This fieldwork will help to inform the ongoing engineering design of the four-laning improvements to the Trans Canada Highway through the canyon. 

Workers will be practicing safe physical distancing and using personal protective equipment, and every effort will be made to minimize any environmental disturbance to the local area. Minimal traffic impacts are anticipated as this work is carried out.