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Local commuter passes during extended closures


Construction of Phase 4 of the Kicking Horse Canyon Project will require some extended closures of the Trans-Canada Highway during the spring and fall shoulder seasons, when traffic volumes are lowest. Extended closures in spring 2021 are planned as follows:

  • April 12 to May 14 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • May 17 to May 21 (24 hours a day, weekdays only)
  • May 25 to May 28 (24 hours a day, weekdays only)
  • May 31 (following May 30 overnight closure; ending at 7 a.m. on June 1)

Extended closures will also be permitted in fall 2021 between September 15 and November 30. Actual closure dates have not yet been determined. The contractor is to provide three months notice. In extended closure periods, through traffic will be routed via the alternative route of Highways 93S and 95.

During the extended closures, arrangements have been made for brief, limited openings to allow escorted passage through the construction zone for school buses, local commuters, selected deliveries and exceptional, urgent local trips permitted at the Province’s sole discretion. Because the capacity is extremely limited (fewer than 1 in 10 vehicles can be accommodated), motorists will be required to apply for a pass which will be issued on the basis of urgency and need, not desire and convenience.

To qualify for an annual season commuter pass, an applicant must be required to travel through the Canyon from Field to Golden or from Golden to Field regularly to go to work.

Given the existence of an alternative route, season commuter pass applications will be prioritized taking into account canyon capacity and the frequency of work-related travel. The Province reserves the right to approve or deny any pass request, and its decisions are final. If you do not meet the criteria of local, regular and essential, please do not apply for a pass.

Vehicles displaying a valid commuter pass and selected, pre-arranged local deliveries will be escorted by a pilot vehicle through the construction zone according to the following daily schedule. Please note that late arrivals cannot be accommodated.

  • Morning commute eastbound: 7 AM departure from the western extent of the project
  • Morning commute westbound: 7:15 AM departure from the eastern extent of the project
  • Afternoon commute eastbound: 4:30 PM departure from the western extent of the project
  • Afternoon commute westbound: 4:45 PM departure from the eastern extent of the project

Local annual season commuter passes may be obtained by individuals, or by employers on behalf of their staff. People using an employer-arranged pass will not be considered for an additional individual pass, and individual passes are not transferable.

To apply for a 2021 season local commuter pass, please download one of the forms below and follow the instructions on the form. Please note that the forms require signatures and must be returned by email. An online click-to-send option is not available.

The season pass system is at or near capacity. Applications received after April 7 may undergo some delay in processing while the operation of the commuter windows with the passes issued to date is assessed.

2021 Season commuter pass application – individual

2021 Season commuter pass application – employer

Field residents

Field residents face unique circumstances, particularly with respect to location and access to services that must be obtained within British Columbia. With business hours to support the maximum accessibility by Field residents, Truffle Pigs Bistro & Lodge has agreed to host a “library” of shared passes for the community. Local residents are encouraged to sign out a pass at Truffle Pigs as and when needed for urgent travel through the canyon, and return it when done to allow it to be used by others. Hours of availability are between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm daily.

Day passes

In addition to the season pass, there will be a limited day pass program for urgent local trips that do not qualify as commuter passage. Day passes may be arranged only on the business day before the intended travel, and will be considered, as long as capacity permits, on a first come – first served basis. The number of available spaces may vary from day to day, and there may be days that none can be supplied.

To apply for a day pass, please download the form linked below and follow the instructions on the form. Please note that the form requires a signature and must be returned by email. An online click-to-send option is not available.

2021 Day Pass Application